La “via lattea”, dalle Langhe a Valcasotto

The “milky way” of Beppino Occelli born from the Langhe and reaches Valcasotto, a small mountain village near Pamparato. A magical place in which to rediscover the value of silence and hospitality, which also houses the hunting lodge of the Savoy, the Royal Grangia of Valcasotto.

Here the mountain cheeses, thanks to the constant care of the maturing masters, rest and mature for a long time on wooden boards that develop their taste and enrich their structure.

In the darkness of these cellars, therefore, time works together with air and water, to bring the cheeses to full maturity. Expert seasoners periodically turn the wheels over, scrutinize them, caress them, massage them and then transfer them to smaller cellars for refining (for long months, the special microclimate and contact with 12 different woods favor the development of noble molds).

The Royal Grangia of Valcasotto: the royals allowed local farmers to take advantage of their summer pastures and pastures; at the end of summer, as a sign of gratitude, they received this cheese, the Raschera’s “father”, as a gift.

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