Culinary culture

The Langhe are known not only for excellent wine, but also for remarkable cuisine that offers local specialties.

Piedmont hazelnuts, truffles and cheeses deserve much more than a simple taste.

Gioacchino Rossini defined the truffle as the “Mozart of mushrooms”, and since the eighteenth century, the Alba white truffle has been considered a rare delicacy. It can be found grated over tajarin (long, fresh pasta, typical of the area) or on fried eggs, in fine restaurants in Alba and the surrounding area in autumn and winter, and you can get more “in-depth” during the Truffle Fair (in Alba, every year in October/November) as you let its unmistakeable aroma guide you.

Even the cheeses of the Langhe deserve special mention: in addition to the popular Grana Padano, Gorgonzola, Toma Piemontese, Castelmagno (produced exclusively by the village of the same name for hundreds of years!) and Taleggio from the province of Cuneo, we can also find the cheese of Bra (the city where the international Cheese festival is held, dedicated to the world of cheese), the soft Robiola of Roccaverano (the eastern part of the Langhe), the Toma and Robiola of Murazzano (Alta Langa) and the Raschera (at the border with Monregalese). It is not by chance that the restaurants in the area always have a tempting cheese cart that is hard to resist…