Festival della Televisione e dei nuovi media

Dogliani becomes the center of the new media universe, a country-antenna animated by meetings and debates that compare different generations of Tele-protagonists, Tele-visionaries and Tele-employees to design, starting from today’s television, the television of tomorrow.
The backstage story of the most important television careers is intertwined with other stories from the world of media. The case histories of the most influential and innovative broadcasts allow us to understand the experiments in progress and the path that leads to the convergence between old screens and new interactive devices, in the epochal transition from a television only watched to a more participatory one.
Dogliani hosts the only Italian festival dedicated to television in all its many forms, becoming the place to understand the TV that we will watch in the future.
An accessible and free Festival, which brings the great issues of multi-platform contemporary communication to the square, thanks to the combination of meetings dedicated to current affairs, in-depth analysis, investigation, culture and entertainment. The leaders of the main national broadcasters, the protagonists of great television careers that have changed the history of Italian television and the inventors of a new way of communicating meet.

To enrich this scenario a large number of collateral events: exhibitions, flash-mobs, white nights, music, food and wine stands and much more!

Info and contacts:

Dogliani tourist office: +39 0173.742573 / +39 334.5629569