Cherry Fair

Every year, at the end of May, the Ancient Cherry Fair animates the streets of Dogliani Borgo and Castello: a showcase for local crafts and trade.

Its origins are lost in the past centuries; the archive of the Municipality of Dogliani preserves a rich documentation dating back to 1897 which certifies the importance of the fair for the town.

Since 2011 the fair has obtained the qualification of Regional Fair from the Piedmont region.

Appreciated for the large number of exhibitors and the quality of the goods, the ancient cherry fair of Dogliani is an excellent opportunity to go also to the sight of the castle village, among the precious artifacts of local artisans. You can grasp the ancient tradition of working with terracotta, often used in the daring constructions of the architect G.B. Schellino, the skill and love for a job well done, born in a distant past, but preserved over time in the rolling hills of the Langa.

Dogliani Castello, the upper part of the town, hosts the “artifacts”, offering a privileged exhibition space for local crafts, while the streets of Dogliani Borgo, the historic center in the lower part, are animated throughout the day by the stalls traditional trade review.

Furthermore, a shuttle bus service is available that directly connects Dogliani Borgo with Dogliani Castello.