Fair of the Saints and Cisrà

Dogliani opens its doors to the Cisrà and the Fiera dei Santi, on November 2nd. There are two reasons that make the fair a nationally known event: the inevitable Cisrà, tripe and chickpea soup cooked according to an ancient recipe of the seventeenth century, and the great trade fair with more than three hundred exhibitors who crowd the Brogo di Dogliani. In addition, one of the most authentic markets of the Langa takes place near the ancient wing: the truffle market and all the products that make up the exquisite Cisrà.

Visitors will find themselves in this corner of Langa among hills of vineyards that are changing their colors, becoming warmer helping the palates to taste the traditional dishes that in this period are many and with important flavors.

From 8.30 until exhaustion, the Cisrà will be distributed.