MAGNIFICAT – Santuario di Vicorforte Mondovì

The Vicoforte Sanctuary houses the largest elliptical dome in the world. You will wear a helmet and harness for an unforgettable adventure: a 60-meter climb to the top of the Sanctuary.

Magnificat is the name we have given to our proposal, which will allow you to relive the exceptional history of the Piedmontese Baroque masterpiece, admiring the frescoes of its majestic dome up close.

An engaging journey through spaces never before open to the public, to discover, step by step, the many curiosities of this Sanctuary built starting from the end of the 16th century with the idea of hosting the tombs of the Savoy royal family and today monitored by advanced technologies precision to preserve its charm.

Awaiting visitors at the top, the splendid panorama of the Langhe and the Alpine arc that surrounds this extraordinary monument of faith and art.


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