An exclusive and savoury marenda sinoira

There is a place, not far from the Poderi, where craftsmanship, sustainability, local economy and passion are at home, this place is called Casa Matilda.

At Casa Matilda the main working tools are the hands, which give life to genuine and artisanal products.

Thanks to photovoltaic solar panels, packaging consisting mainly of paper and glass and natural treatments in the field do not impact on the environment.

Through the joy of producing, the desire to experiment and the pride of recalling the flavors of the past, their products become tastier, more convivial and guests smile more.

You can enjoy all this during your stay by participating in the traditional Piedmontese “merenda sinoira” of the past, tasting juices, jams, preserves and typical products at the Bottega di Casa Matilda.


Info and contacts:

by Anna and Fabio
Borgata Pamparato, 1
12063 Dogliani (CN)
Langhe – Piedmont – Italy
mobile: +39.338.4524202